How Saturday ruined my week.

It’s a rare moment in my world: I’m sitting at home ALONE! One of the most unexpected changes in my life after Mini-G came onto the scene is that I almost never spend any time at home by myself. I planned to head out for a nice run and then head into lab to work on my grant, but first I’m taking some moments to enjoy this opportunity.

Whew! So, this last week has been a whirlwind! I had three new peeps start in the lab. So far as I can tell, they are doing super! Folks are getting along. Everyone seems to be getting the hang of  the system pretty well, and data is starting to trickle in. It seems like a great group. Woo Hoo! I have also started moving toward 2 new collaborations with folks in my MRU that I think could be really fun.

I went into lab yesterday afternoon (after a super morning with Mini-G) feeling pretty good about how 2011 had started. Then I turned on the computer to discover the horrible tragedy that had unfolded in Arizona. I don’t know whether to be more sad or angry. I have no idea why this young man did such a horrible thing, and I really don’t think it matters. In the past couple of years there have been a lot of hateful words thrown around. These people, like Sarah Palin, may now claim that they were speaking metaphorically. But words matter. I want to hope that this tragedy will force people to reconsider how they use words, making it possible to have a more civilized discourse in this country. I want to believe that using violent speech will no longer be tolerated in the public arena, even from folks that are “on your side”. Surely we can do better as individual citizens and as a country?

My thoughts are with the friends and families of all the people that were killed and injured in that parking lot in Tuscon.


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4 Responses to How Saturday ruined my week.

  1. cromercrox says:

    Ban guns.

  2. Dr. O says:

    I want to hope that this tragedy will force people to reconsider how they use words, making it possible to have a more civilized discourse in this country.


  3. El Picador says:

    Ban mofos who get all angreee when people don’t agree with them. Amirite, cromercrotch?

  4. el picador's picador says:

    Don’t be silly. Surely we can simply ban the violent people from owning guns. We really need to judge much better who falls into this category. There are always warning signs- in the case of the crazi Arizona d00d, it was posting on Youtube. I mean, c’mon. That’s gotta be some kind of dead giveaway. The only thing more obvious than that would be trolling comments on blogs. People who piss on carpets on the internet are only one tantrum away from going on a gun-frenzi homicidal rampage. It’s a well-known fact.

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