It gets better – in Canada, too!

I am crushed with trying to get the lab in order so that I can head back to the homeland and visit the folks. But I did sneak a few minutes to check out some blogs and ran across a post from Cath at VWXYNot that is fantastic. She has embeded a super-awesome music video from the “It gets better project“, and highlighted the Canadian version of the project. Bullying is a big problem in schools in general, and it can be especially devastating for GLBT teens that may not have any support at home. After a series of gay teens committed suicide, Dan Savage started the “It gets better project” to try and reach troubled GLBT kids and give them some external support and, hopefully, a reason to hang in there. It may not be the perfect message for all kids, but I think that it is great. I know that a major thing that kept me going in high school was the idea that it would be better when I went off to college. AND IT DID!!

Take home message: bullying sucks, for all kids that are targets. We need to stop bullying in the schools. But for the kids suffering now, please try to hang in there. There are people that care about you, and that need to have you around.


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One Response to It gets better – in Canada, too!

  1. Thanks for the link love! I’ve been posting It Gets Better videos all over Facebook since the campaign started, without much response from my IRL friends, so it’s great to see that my online buddies take more of an interest!

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