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it is time…

For me to move over to Scientopia!! I know I’ve already moved once this year, but when I got an invitation to join such a fantastic group I had to jump at it. So please update your blogroll just this … Continue reading

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What will I find if I google you?

One of the little bits of advice I got when I was on the job market is that I should make my own website. So I put together a very rudimentary personal website. It was not fancy. There was a … Continue reading

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“top searches”

Found this as a search that led to my blog: “can you collect unemploymment if you don’t get tenure” That is kind of depressing.

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calling in reinforcements

A long time ago, I lived in a very “red” state. The place I now call home is not so conservative, which I like because it is more aligned with my own politics. I may not always agree with my … Continue reading

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It gets better – in Canada, too!

I am crushed with trying to get the lab in order so that I can head back to the homeland and visit the folks. But I did sneak a few minutes to check out some blogs and ran across a … Continue reading

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I admit, it is my fault

That is right. Birds are falling out of the sky because of me. And also gay soldiers. But lets not lose focus…because I, apparently, HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE BIRDS DROP OUT OF THE SKY!! FFS damn, shit like this … Continue reading

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How Saturday ruined my week.

It’s a rare moment in my world: I’m sitting at home ALONE! One of the most unexpected changes in my life after Mini-G came onto the scene is that I almost never spend any time at home by myself. I … Continue reading

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